Reflexology Hand Chart – Press These Points and Revitalize Your Body

There are occasions when the alternative medicine has the answers for some common health problems and ailments. It comes quite handy for relieving common pains and conditions which are causing you headaches. A part of alternative medicine which is connected with pain relief is known as reflexology. The best remedies will discuss the hand reflexology in details.

What is hand reflexology?

This is a holistic massage technique with therapeutic properties. This technique requires applying pressure on different parts of the hand in order to stimulate other parts or organs of the body. Hence, each part and organ of the body corresponds to a certain point on the hand. When you apply a constant pressure it activates specific pressure sensors and stimulates the internal organs. This massage technique can improve the circulation, promote relaxation and boost the self-healing. Besides these benefits, the hand reflexology can:

  • Treat female reproductive issues
  • Relieve your body from pain
  • Help depression and anxiety
  • Aid headaches and migraines
  • Fight insomnia
  • Improve range of motion

Hand Reflexology Chart

The hand reflexology chart is a graphic display through which each body part is shown through the different sections on the hand. This chart is quite helpful, so when you practice this massage technique you know which point on the hand to address for a specific ailment. The pressure should be applied by suing the thumb, finger or your hand to massage the area. Hence, this chart shows which points on your hand should be pressed to relieve pain on certain organ or body part.

The Major Reflex Points on the Hand

It is important to locate the most important reflex points on your hand, so you can practice the massage yourself. It is important to know that your right-hand reflex points correspond to the left side of your body, and the right-hand reflex points to your left side of the body. There are the major reflex points on your hand:

  • The thumb represents your head.
  • The inside of the upper thumb represents the side of the head.
  • The tips of your fingers represent your brain.
  • The area between your fingernails and first thumb knuckle can help with sinus pain
  • The pinkies correspond to your shoulders.
  • The base of the thumb down to the wrist will soothe your intestines, spleen, and kidneys.
  • The area right below the index, middle, and ring fingers is directly related to your lungs and heart.
  • The wrist area is directly connected with the reproductive organs.

Hand Reflexology Massage Techniques

Here are some common health conditions and ailments, and how to address them with this easy hand massage.

1. Insomnia

You can fight insomnia and improve your sleeping patterns by pressing your thumbprint. You should find the middle of your thumbprint. Use the opposite thumb or the upper side of the nail and press the center of the thumbprint. Apply pressure for 45 seconds, and then switch the thumbs. Repeat 2-3 times during the day.

2. Digestion Problems

You can address your digestive system and aid the digestion process. All you need are your interlock fingers and a ball. Roll the ball in the lower area of the palms for 1 minute. Repeat twice a week and feel the results.

3. Back Pain

By stimulating the spine reflex, you can relieve the back pain. The spine reflex is located on the side of your thumb all the way down to the wrist. Press this area with the opposite thumb, starting at the top of the thumb down to the wrist. Repeat the technique several times, 3-4 times a day.

4. Cold and Flu

A pressure on the head and sinus reflexes will alleviate the symptoms of cold and flu. You should press and rub the base of each finger to the tip. Repeat on each finger 3-4 times a day. In case your fingers are tight, it indicates that you have congested sinuses.

Note: Bear in mind that this massage technique is not a substitute for medical care. Always consult your physician for any health problem you experience.

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