8 Strict Rules You Need to Follow If You Wanted to Lose Weight!

A lot of people are struggling to lose weight and the only thing they need to blame is their own effort or lack of effort.

If you want to lose weight you can follow a set of simple rules. Here are eight rules:

  • Reduce your carb intake;
  • The scale lies;
  • Weight training;
  • Morning routines are best;
  • Smaller meals;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Plan your meals carefully and
  • Go to bed earlier.

Reduce your carb intake;

You plan on losing weight? Then you need to start counting your calories. In order to lose weight, you need to consume 500 calories less than the usual. If you have a slow metabolism, then the best way to accelerate it is to eat a lesser amount of carbs and the first results of losing weight will be visible in only a few weeks.

The scale lies;

If not all, then many people have made the same mistake. You’ve probably jumped on the scale right away once you started working out and eating a healthy diet. But if you did this, then you know that you were disappointed by what the scale showed. You won’t see massive changes on the scale right away. You will lose weight gradually. Don’t stand on the scale every day, look at yourself in the mirror and see the changes.

Weight training;

To have lean muscle and to lose weight, weight training needs to be added to your daily workout routine. You may want to start lifting because cardio can get you in shape, but it does not work on your muscles.

Morning routines are best;

You will also lose weight if you start working out in the morning on an empty stomach at least ten minutes.

Smaller meals;

You need to reduce your meals if you want to lose weight. You need to cut down the portions in half and instead of eating three big meals during the day, start eating 4 or 5 smaller meals in order to accelerate your metabolism. You need to include carbs and proteins in your smaller portions and healthy fats for perfect balance.

Drink plenty of water;

If you want to improve your digestion and metabolism, which will make you lose weight, you need to start drinking 8 or 10 glasses of water each day. If you are one of those people who wants to lose weight but does not drink water, then the best thing to do is set up reminders about drinking water on your smartphone or you can stick post-it notes on your fridge.

Plan your meals carefully;

Don’t enter the market to get the first junk food you see. Enter it so you can plan what you are going to eat during the day which also includes the snacks before lunch. If you have a pre-prepared meal plan, it will help you to eat healthy and smaller portions.

Go to bed earlier.

It is recommended by experts that you have your last meal at least three hours before you go to bed and that you sleep at least 7 to 9 hours. The levels of your hormones can be disrupted if you don’t get enough sleep and it will make the body store fat.

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